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"Thunderbolt" to the Ferrero gallery (7)

MOYA itself (11)

MOYA child (15)

MOYA draws (20) 
the "Reptile au style" (26)

MOYA looks at the TV (31)

MOYA thinks (34): 
MOYA reads Macluhan (34), 
MOYA thinks on an artistic television (36), 
MOYA thinks to the place of the artist (38), 
MOYA "in advance on his time" (42)

MOYA wants to be IN the work of art (45)

MOYA does not want to grow (48)

MOYA Narcisse (52)

MOYA overflows of ideas (55)

MOYA on the couch (59): 
Narcissistic MOYA (60), 
MOYA and the name of the Father (62), 
MOYA and the syndrome of abandonment (63),
MOYA and the complex of Oedipus (64).

MOYA joking (66)

Spanish MOYA (69): 
Catalan like Miro (71)

MOYA and his friends (74)


MOYA and women (78): 
MOYA and his Mom (78), 
MOYA prefers the men but... (79)

MOYA niçois (85): 
Moya and company (90-91), 
Verbes d'Etat (92), Jean Ferrero (93), 
School of Nice (94-95)

MOYA artist of the South (98): 
Catholic MOYA (100), a chapel not very "catholic" (102)

MOYA likes Asia (117)

MOYA adapting him-self (122)


Self-sufficing MOYA (130)

MOYA out of the museums (132): 
MOYA imagines an "Utopia for the third millenium" (136)

MOYA likes to give pleasure (138)

MOYA paints Sunday (142)

MOYA global artist (147)

Behind the scenes of an exhibition151 to 163)

White chart with the Artist (164)

Contacter Florence CANARELLI