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October 2003, I made a report at the Ferrero Gallery, famous in Nice, French Riviera, to defend for more than 30 years the "school of Nice" (Ecole de Nice), artistic movement including Masters like  Ben, Arman and other César... I fall beneath the spell - "thunderbolt" would be perhaps the word right - of a painting, very coloured, near of a comic strip style,  full of Beauty and Happiness. 
Endowed with a small poetic Character, who looks curiously  like the Artist, who is here, in person Patrick MOYA himself, smiling and serene presence, quietly sitted to paint, live, one of  his works.

Between fascination in front of this game with the mirror and irritation for that invading narcissism, it's this day, there in the Ferrero Gallery, that i got the idea to try to understand the genesis of an artistic's work, just like a journalist inquiring.
How does an artist becomes an artist, on which bases and how does an artist sublimates his "personal equation" (let us leave the term "neurosis" with the professionals of the psychiatry) in Art

With Patrick MOYA, my subject of investigation appeared extremely rich and enthralling. 

Follow me behind the scenes of artistic creation.

                                                              Florence CANARELLI


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