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In his workshop at Nice, French Riviera, reign an indescribable (and artistic) disorder, the least piece of paper being carried in the maelstrom of creativity. 
At 49 y ears old, the  artist Patrick Moya has behind him a multiform work of a  great richness: paintings on all supports (canvas, wood,  clothes, walls, armchairs etc), sculptures, ceramics, digital images, 3d movies, performances and  installations…

Born in 1955, he belongs to the generation of the  Free Figuration (in France) and of Keith Haring or Jean-Michel  Basquiat (in the USA). Near by the spirit to "Situationnistes"  (far from all ideologies and all engagements), having tested in a way the "body art", since he was  model naked in the art schools, while theorizing in books  his position of "creature IN art"... he gives  all his energies to Art. 

Inspired since adolescence by the theories of Mc Luhan and his "global village", he was during a  long time thinking to the changes brought to history of  art by the new media (in particular television, while  having a presentiment of the advent of Internet) :  
 - "with the media of ubiquity, like the TV's live  show, the creator does not have time to tell the history  of art. He must, for existing, to become a creature."  
In parallel, he made a reflection on the name, the  signature of the artist. 

Undoubtedly marked by the  spanish-catalan name of his father - MOYA - which belongs  to him only when he was 15 years old, following the  official marriage of his parents, he does not have of  cease, since then, putting his name everywhere and  declining it ad infinitum... 

Living in Nice (in the South of France and south of  Europe), Moya consideres him self like an "artist of  the South", belonging to the catholic area, even if  he is not really a believer. Far from the abstraction or  conceptual art, Moya is not afraid of the color - pure,  non mixed color - nor especially of the human figure,  that he representes without deformation - if it is not in  a humorous caricatural style.
Asserting "the presence of the artist in art", he invented since ten years (it was in 1996) a small poetic character near of a caricature of him-self,  inspired by Pinochio, which became its trademark.  

From that time, Moya makes us travel in his magic and slightly pervert universe, full of teddy bears and  drag-queens, flying sheeps or elephants and winged devils,  without forgetting its small malicious "moya"  making its jokes on bottom of small clouds in blue cobalt  skies : a merry and coloured world which speaks to the  child in all of us... but also sensual and amusing, which  satisfies our senses and our sense of Beauty.

Like an antidote to pessimism, he spreads happiness around him everywhere, of course in an exhibition - where this is often the children who explain his works to their parents ! - but also in the waiting room of a private clinic, the hall of an hotel or the square of an hospital...  

Coming after the famous "Ecole de Nice"  represented by great names like Klein, Arman, César or Ben, Patrick MOYA - that one could call "the leader of the New School of Nice" - create a very "unique"  work, because his name and his image belong only to him ! 

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